Hello Beautiful Spirits!

I recently went on a trip to visit a very special little boy who had his first birthday.  I was absorbing all the moments I had with him.  Such a fun, giggly, silly, investigative, exploratory, walking little man.  The pure joy and laughter from this little one was intoxicating.

It made me think…. WOW…. this child is so happy at the littlest things.  He loves music and bounces around with the biggest smile on his face.  His eyes light up with pure love that I know is coming directly from his heart. 

New toys are amazing to figure out and embrace.  His focus on things was so intense that it was hard to move him on to the next thing.  He wanted to spend time with the joy and wonder of what he had. 

Why can’t we continue through life like this?  What happens to us? 

This pretty much sums it up! 

We are born with pure love.  Yes, we do have needs and little ones do cry.  But along the growing journey in this world, we learn fear.  We get disconnected from our authentic self.

Fear of failure.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of not being enough.  Fear of abandonment.  Fear of being unloved.  The list can go on and on…. We learn these things.

So, connecting in with spirit, source, God, universe (whatever word resonates with you) is the way to find that pure love again and unlearn fear.

Our hearts are a beating, beautiful life force.  This part of us has so much love, wisdom, and knowing.  Our journey is to connect in with our hearts. 

It is possible to unlearn fears and accept love.  The key here is that it is a journey.  A releasing of old thoughts and feelings.  Be gentle and patient with yourself.

Awareness is the first step.  Take a moment to close your eyes.  Breathe.  What fear are you holding in your heart?  Listen to your spirit.  Imagine pure love, like a child’s laughter, embracing your heart.  Maybe nature can penetrate your heart with love?  A beautiful sunrise, a butterfly, an ocean wave, a mountain…

Seek those things that bring you peace and love.  Make it a priority to have it be part of your daily life.  Even if you can’t go to the ocean, bring it to yourself.  Visualize it in your mind’s eye, look at photos, listen to it.

What fear has been brought to your awareness?  Start your spiritual journey today by putting love back into your heart in its place.

I would love for anyone to share what fear they want to let go of.  Please comment below or connect with me.  Release this energy of awareness and intent to transform out into the universe. 

I have personally been working on releasing my fear and limiting belief of NOT ENOUGH.  The work I have done has completely transformed my heart to acceptance of myself and love of my spirit.  Very powerful and beautiful shift for me.  You can do it!! 

Freedom, love, and peace can overcome any fear.  Love is our true nature.