I sat down to write today and I labeled my file “I don’t know”.  This made me smile. 

It is okay not to know.

So, I am present right now.  I don’t know what to write and that is okay.  I trust that it will come. 

It is a beautiful thing to accept where you are at each moment.  To be okay and gentle with yourself. 

My journey has been full of “I don’t know” moments. 

Before, this thought would have created so much anxiety and dis-ease.  I had to figure it all out.  I had to reach out and find it in the world.  Keep pushing.  Keep searching. 

But guess what…. the answers have always been inside of me. 

That knowing has always been there.  It has just been extremely quiet because my head was so loud. 

I am learning to transition my searching and listening from my head to my heart.  My inner wisdom and knowing.  Focusing on my heart space.  That place of life force.

It is such a different way.  A different path. 

I remember not seeing this path when I first came upon the area.  As I was leaving I looked to the left and there it was. 

I had no idea where it would take me but I was very curious and excited. 

As I made another turn in the path I started giggling.  No one was around and I had no idea where it was leading me.  It was fun, adventurous, and a bit scary.  Because again, I was all alone and not sure what was ahead. 

Listening to yourself and following your own personal journey takes amazing strength and courage.  It is easy to follow the path that is most comfortable and what everyone else is doing. 

People have told me, “I couldn’t do what you have done” “You are stronger than me” “I would be so scared to do that”.  I have only been striving to do what my heart has told me to do.  There is peace there. 

You are stronger than you know!

It might not be what people understand but that is okay! 

Reflecting on this has brought back so many memories where I have taken that leap.  I have listened to my intuition.  However, I would fall back into my old ways.  I stopped my authentic journey.

This time is different!  I am ready and committed to this new way.  I DON’T KNOW exactly where this path will lead me but I know there is more peace there than going the other way.


I kept going!

It is okay not to know.  I listen and take steps forward.  Learning and growing each step of the way.

You may not know where your journey is leading you.  Only you have the answers.  It is your journey and no one else’s! 


Own and value who you truly are!  Be authentic.  Be HUMAN.  And let your SPIRIT and heart guide you. 

Let me share with you some ways that I connect into my heart space:
·       Breathing
·       Journaling
·       Listening to music
·       Putting a hand on my heart space and listening
·       I have my own Life Coach that is centered on this work
·       Nature

What are some ways you connect with your heart and intuition?  If you don’t, how can you start today?  It doesn’t take a long time.  You can start with a simple step.  Maybe 5 minutes a day. 

Share with me in the comments or send me an email.  I would love to support your Authentic Journey.