I am missing the ocean right now! 

The power, beauty, sounds, smells, all of it.  It is such a peaceful, yet wildly amazing sight.  The energy is transforming to my spirit. 

Yes, I am a water sign. 

The ocean is healing for me.  It blesses me with creativity, peace, power, and expansion.  It draws me closer to spirit and source!  It activates my spirit.

What gives you those feelings?  The mountains, lakes, cities, farms, gardens,…?

When we are separated from the places that give us energy, it is sometimes difficult to recreate those feelings.  That pure energy is not readily available at our finger tips.  We can get overwhelmed in the day to day of life.  And maybe we don’t even realize something is “missing”. 

As I sit here and type I can bring back those feelings.  But there is no way to truly grasp the magnitude of emotions I receive from being there in person. 

In my mind, I often take myself back to one specific spot that was on my journey in California.  I shared this spot with you in my last Blog “I Don’t Know And That Is Okay”.   It has inspired me to share another aspect of this magnificent place.  Not only the transformation of my inner wisdom and taking a different path but the place that gives me energy and power. 

Maybe I should just set up a tiny home there!  I would be energetically indestructible. 

Let’s walk the path again! 

The locals told me about a path to a cliff that over looked the ocean.  I went to the beach and found the unmarked path up a hill. 

I was all alone on a path.  Really neat trees, and a clearing here and there where I could see the ocean.  As I climbed the path, excitement and anticipation filled my heart for what I was going to find. 

I had arrived at the cliff.  I was in complete awe of what my eyes were seeing.  I can’t even describe in words how I felt at that moment. 

It was absolutely breathtaking.  I was all alone on the cliff, the ocean all around me except the path behind.  Just a never-ending expanse of water.

Here is a beautiful video of it.  Again, nothing compares to how it felt in person!


Where is your happy place?  Can you take yourself back there just by closing your eyes and imagining?  Maybe it is someplace you have never been but when you close your eyes you feel it so deeply it is like you have been there?

Can you go there in person every day?  Lucky you!

We need these places of energy in our lives.  A place that can re-energize us.  A place of peace and transformation. 

Visit YOUR place right now!