I have had the privilege of working with Nancy as my coach. She is genuine and attuned; that made talking to her easy. She has an awesome way of making you feel safe and not judged plus she is kind and a great listener. Nancy helped give me clarity with what I was tackling in my life at the moment and gave me tools to challenge my mindset which was what I needed. Liliana Hernandez

Last November Nancy spoke to a group of 30 DKG-Zeta Chapter ladies about Essential Oils and other pure products. She is so sweet and made an instant connection with our group. I noted several ladies around her after the presentation asking questions and making purchases. We were delighted to learn of BOGO week, and I am sure others took advantage of the bargains as I did! Nancy is a delightful person and speaker, so book her soon for large or small group programs! June Madison

In April 2017, I began a journey with Nancy that helped me to learn more about myself. Each week, Nancy encouraged, guided and taught me to love myself. In working with her, I noticed a change in things around me. However, when I took a deeper look inside, I find that it was more of a change in me that positively affected others. Since this leg of my journey ended, I am still experiencing the change. She left me with tools that I am able to draw on while I am working on the next journey. Nancy has been a positive influence in my life. While our journey at this time is not on the same road, I am sure it will merge again and she will be there to encourage and guide me. Thank you Nancy. C. S.

Thank you for introducing me to Essential Oils. Lots to learn now but I’m so Excited to be learning all of it. In fact I have not been this excited about anything in a loooooong time!

Pat Hilleary, doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

I have tried diffusers in the pass and was not impressed.  Your Petal Diffuser & oils are a step above…just a couple of drops of oils fills the room with the most marvelous aroma.   This will not end-up in the closet like my other diffusers.  Thank you again! Lynette Ambrosia (Winner of the doTERRA Petal Diffuser & Introductory Kit Giveaway-March 2018)