Hello Colorful Spirits!!

The recent movie TROLLS has inspired me!  The minute we hit play I was dancing in my seat. 

I love music and dancing.  It has always touched my soul.  The emotions that it draws out of me is deeply beautiful and amazing.

When I heard the song, TRUE COLORS, in the movie it really hit me!  I watched my best friend’s 3-year-old daughter sit there and mouth the words.  Her innocents and love almost brought tears to my eyes.  What beauty and color in that precious moment!  I will forever have that moment in my head to replay, what I gift!

The song is on repeat as I write this blog.  I am singing my heart out in my own sacred space.  Amazing connection with my soul.

This song embraces the essence of my path.  To find who I am and to help others find that glowing spirit within themselves. 

I want to let my true colors shine for myself and the world.  Not just in my geographical location but all over! 

My passion and desire to help others do that as well is so strong.  We are all amazing individual spirits.  The outside is just a shell (more on this in a later blog). 

We focus so much on our outer shell that we forget to nurture and shine from the inside out.  Yes, the trolls in the movie were very colorful on the outside but as their inside feelings came through their colors on the outside changed.  A lot to learn from this.

“This world makes you crazy and you’ve taken all you can bear, just call me up ‘cause I will always be there.  And I see your true colors shining through…”

This should be my life coaching tag line.  Life is so crazy and we get so lost and confused.  I believe I have a gift to see the beautiful spirit in others.  I am an empath and healer.  So I can see and feel the deep layers in people and then help them dig through those layers to heal and awaken their spirits. 

We are ALL colorful, shiny, glittery, etc…. !  What a world that would be if everyone could shine their true colors.

Are you shining your true colors to the world?  We think of a rainbow and the basic colors that make it.  But your rainbow has so many variances of colors and brightness.  What are your colors?  Use all of them!!!!  Don’t waste any color!

“So, don’t be afraid to let them show.  Your true colors, true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.”

P.S. And they have wrist bands that ding when it is time to hug everyone!!!!  I love hugs!