What is Life Coaching?  
I have had this question many times over the past few week so I wanted to take a moment to help explain what Life Coaching is all about. 

“A coach is a professional who supports, empowers, and challenges individuals to help them
realize their personal and professional goals.”         
-International Coach Federation (ICF)

I am a Certified Life Coach through The Life Purpose Institute.  I was trained and had to complete certification requirements. 

We all pretty much know what a coach is.  A person who will be an accountability partner.  They will challenge you and bring out the best in yourself.  Trust and confidentiality are key to a coach/client relationship.  What is so valuable about having a coach is the unattached or non-biased professional relationship.  Friends are great confidants but in the end, they can have their own opinions or biases.  Sometimes they will start to focus on their own struggles as well.  Conversations and outcomes can get muddled on what exactly you are supposed to do or how to feel.  The coaching process is all about you!  We focus on getting deep into who you are and what you want. 

As a coach, I am truly open to who you are and I will honor that.  What you believe and want for your life is a beautiful piece of who you are and your spirit.  Working together to let that shine through is the goal!

The word “Life” is so all-encompassing that it is hard to narrow down.  Basically, I can coach whatever is needed! We all have goals or visions for our life.  They can be professional, emotional, personal, spiritual, physical, etc….

Then there are the blocks and fears that can get in the way of attaining those goals.  Blocks and fears don’t necessarily have to be emotional.  For example, they can be geographical or a lack of education.  And if you don’t have goals or visions that is okay too.  You can start to create those things for your life through coaching. 

When do you need a Life Coach?

Anyone could use a Life Coach at any time in their life journey.  Some helpful hints would be if you are struggling, stuck, confused and you can no longer live the way you are any more.  You feel that you are at a crossroads and something needs to change. 

I felt a tugging at my heart for a year that a shift needed to happen to help me move forward.  I am so glad I listened and took that leap. 

I currently have my own Life Coach.  After taking that huge transitional step in my life I have many personal, spiritual, and professional goals that are completely different than where I was spinning my wheels before.  Now, the beauty of making that shift meant that I needed to release who I was before.  That step is not always easy.  I knew to move forward I would need a coach to work through some of my blocks and fears.  If I didn’t work on these very important things about myself they were going to keep me stuck and I would struggle to keep forward movement.

Exploration, openness, clarity, awareness, vision, and peace are amazing pieces of Life Coaching!

I offer a FREE one hour Exploratory Session!  This is a wonderful way to see if Life Coaching is for you.  One session can help and it is free! 

The investment into your mind, body, and spirit is invaluable. 

Please reach out to me for a free session or any questions you may have.  I am here for you!

Spread your beautiful wings!